Free & No Ads Accelerometer sensor. Meter, Graph, Spectrum, Music, Light, Info Displays G-Force-Time and Acceleration-Time graphs in x, y, z. Export as a .cvs Counter based on the accelerometer sensor. Shake or rotate your device to count Calibrate your phone's accelerometer sensor for better motion gaming experience. AccDataRec records accelerometer data in TSV format to the device's storage. none Accelerometer plotter for your Android device. Displays information from the accelerometer sensor.

Monitors the peak value. Accelerometer is a censor that shows device vibrations. Accelerometer Sensor GREAT Acceleration meter for your sport CarNOW it plots acceleration Reset and re-calibrate your device Accelerometer sensor easy in few steps none Small game with balls You can use this app to check accelerations in a simple way This app filters the AcceleroMeter data using SGolay filter. View, monitor and record all the sensors on your phone or tablet. Record ground acceleration from blasting, traffic, wind or neighbor Hi Fi :). Displays and saves data from the accelerometer sensor. Vibration accelerometer (measure - store - analyze) Accelerometer that displays a graph of acceleration. This app uses multiple device sensor inputs to collect, record, and export data. oscHook plots and sends OSC messages with all kind of data the phone can measure Vibration accelerometer (measure - store - analyze) Log accelerometer from your phone. It measure the acceleration on the remote with between two android terminals. Reacts to your devices accelerometer Pro-quality but easy to use car&bike performance app (0-60 mph, top speed etc) Advanced speedometer application that offers lots of useful features. Sensor Toolbox is Best tool for the sensors in your smartphone. Measure your vehicle's performance figures easily and accurately. Digital GPS Speedometer with analog Accelerometer and Altimeter Get GPS Speed with one of the best GPS Speedometer Apps.

Auto GPS Trip Meter! Control your mouse with your phone's accelerometer! Tilt your device to control the ball and avoid deadly traps. Axelomer displays car acceleration (separately axial and lateral components). Collects accelerometer and other sensors data and let you label it in real time. Disallows the proximity sensor in calls, really and virtually. Also a Shaker. none Acquire the Sensor data of Your Smartphone and stream it to SD-Card or a Client. Displays data from the built-in acceleration sensor (G-Sensor). Log accelerometer data to csv file with minimum and maximum are calculated Graph displaying the accelerometer data.

This is a work in progress app. Test your Accelerometer Sensor availability Application for testing sensors Record & view accelerometer data in an easy-to-use data collector & viewer. View & Record the data generated by aahks annual meeting Android device in real time. Record, analyze, and email accelerometer data with this handy vibration meter. Connecting to a TI CC2650 SensorTag for acceleration measurements Accelerometer Test Demonstrate G-Force Challenge your curious searching nature by experiencing Invisible MAZE!!

:) :) This app helps you find the correct anti-vibration mount for your application. The app measures car 0-100 km/h / 0-60 mph acceleration, 1/4 mile racing etc) No frills IMU (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) logger. Analyse run cadence and distance covered from accelerometer and GPS log files Simple acceleration sensor Free GPS digital speedometer with head-up display (HUD) for phone or tablet. A great measurement utility, quickly creates CSV files of sensor data. Know your 3D position with respect to earth in terms of X Y Z co-ordinates. Gauge power, speed and brake force.

Speedometer. Track route with results in map Balance your way out to the next level and overcome every challenge! This application turns your device into a speedometer and accelerometer. Speedometer using accelerometers in addition to GPS Test your phone's Accelerometer Gyroscope Motion Sensors on a F-14 Accelerometer output logger Now control your robotic car with your android phone's accelerometer n bluetooth Test Your Phone Compatibility with Worldwide VR. Ultimate Diagnosis and Demonstration of the Android Sensors Sensors Detect can detect all available sensors on the device. Gyroscope doesn't work?

Want to know if your phone supports VR? Try here! Who would think that a simple accelerometer gives so much fun. Test all Sensors in your mobile device A classical accelerometer (g-meter) in typical aircraft instrument style. The most played accelerometer-controlled tunnel racer worldwide returns! double integrates the acceleration from your device's linear acceleration sensor This application visualises the 3D orientation of the device as a colourful cube REAL 3D Abstract Space Particles & Plexus With Gyroscope And Parallax Effect Control any micro-controller that uses a Bluetooth module with your smartphone Measure vibrations and the earthquakes with your device. Monitor and record all your device's sensors from a single screen. A tool to analyze the vibrations around you on the fly. Unity Remote 5 on your Android device to test your game live in the Unity Editor Streaming the accelerometer readings between two Wi-Fi Direct enables devices. Measure all vibrations and quakes using smartphone! A great way to record, save, and analyze all your device's sensor data. The best wallpaper 3D parallax free, Wonderful app for you! Accelerator is an accelerometer controlled tunnel game. Logs data from sensors to files The app displays accelerometer and gyroscope data on an Android Wear device Get ready for the most exhilarating handheld racing experience! Teeter Pro - the best labyrinth & maze game on your device.

Always for free! A Richter scale in the palm of adult learning and test prep hand. Parallax Live Wallpaper and Create your own beautiful Themes Measure your car horsepower and torque before and after tuning with your phone! Location, position, environmental sensors. Real time graphs and export to file Perform physics experiments with your phone.

(by the RWTH Aachen University) Gravity Gestures lets you associate simple gestures you make with actions. Illusion of depth by 3D head tracking using Accelerometer Sensor Maze game for Wear OS mVIBE - vibration meter on your smartphone. Analyze the spectrum and the process Control the plane to the discovery of islands trough smartphone accelerometer. Control your electronic project with your Android device using Bluetooth. none Plan outdoor trip!

High accuracy compass. Give compassion with GPS & Navigation Control the arduino or other devices via bluetooth Childhood labyrinth adventure of classic maze ball Rolling Ball 3D : A Ball Balance 3D Game Based on Accelerometer. A complete guide to Arduino Sensors The best fishing game for Android! TuneUp and calibrate your device for improved and smoother performance. Fly against space pirates! 3D space combat game on the go! Using sensor to turn on and turn off screen. Wave to unlock / Shake to lock . Start Shooting with machine guns.

Heavy Gun War is real 3d simulation game Take full control of your microcontroller-based boards via bluetooth modules Control your Arduino powered RC car with your phone Spirit Level. Free. No Ads. No Permissions. Great Graphics. Enjoy. Level (waterpas, plumb bob), ruler. Measuring angles and slope. GPS speedometer application for free. ?? Measure your punch power. Are you the strongest of your friends? Prove it! ?? All-in-one app to test your mobile phone device's sensors. "Fractal Combat" is a 3D action-packed futuristic flight combat game for Android Sensor Tester and Sensor Data Recorder <>Android mobile trap game Ever wanted to graph your speed and acceleration during an activity? The ultimate tool for the sensors of your smartphone. Digital Dashboard GPS Pro Tilt your Android smartphone to control your own Robot Unlock phone without power key, Just Shake your phone Test your mind with this free maze puzzle game - Labyrinth game The best gallery of VR games without gyroscope Know direction of your current location with Spirit level surface inclination Measures collects, displays data using an accelerometer,gyroscope and barometer. Wish you owned an exotic supercar?

Now you can with XLR8! Track your sleep and wake up gently with nature sounds in optimal sleep phase Hold any of the phone's 4 sides against an object to test it for level or plumb. Tired of pressing the power button? This app handles that automatically for you. Use sensors to lock and unlock the screen with a gesture The most precise and simple digital compass. VoomVoom and you have a absolute fitness_ gym workout (pro version) car! Temperature, Humidity and even more, a complete weather station in your pocket! Dynamic runner with beautiful graphics. use this app to control your arduino powered bluetooth car Set up your daily goals and step towards a healthier you with Accupedo pedometer You can control screen orientation from notification area easily. Test your LCD Display, Magnetic, Accelerometer, Proximity and Light sensors. Arduino-auto control with bluetooth


Record ground acceleration from blasting, traffic, wind or neighbor Hi Fi :). Displays and saves data from the accelerometer sensor. Vibration accelerometer (measure - store - analyze)

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