Aardvark ballistic calculator

Aardvark ballistic calculator

Aardvark Ballistic Calculator finds an accurate shooting solution quick. Ballistic calculator Simple to use Ballistic Calculator True Muzzle Velocity estimator Companion app for owners of Targeting Solution System (from Aardvark Robot Corp) Winchester’s calculator is one of the most advanced ballistics calculators. Professional ballistic calculator Hornady Ballistics features advanced 4DOF trajectory and ballistic calculations Sako Ballistics Calculator is now available on the Android Advanced and highly accurate ballistics calculator for shooters. Most comprehensive, accurate, and fully customizable exterior ballistics app! Well known ballistic calculator.

Simple and easy to use. Norma Precision - A century of serving hunters and shooters Get the most out of your airsoft gear An accurate, easy to use ballistics calculator. Great for all shooters. Calculate energy, velocity or bullet weight given two of the three values. Lapua Ballistics is the ultimate 6DOF ballistics tool Ballistic calculator designed for the use with Swarovski Optik products. Ballistics, Configuration ZEISS Victory RF, Diary, Product Overview, Weather Spot On provides precise aiming points for aca touch mf Nikon BDC riflescope. The Falcon Ballistics Calculator App makes bullet trajectory calculations easy Map based ballistic calculator, atmospherics, and range card. Calculate and compare multiple bullet energy and email results summary. Ballistic calculators for shooting and reloading. Elevation and Windage calculator for long range shooting. Calculator for quick calculation accuracy of the results of your shooting in the MOA. Hawke X-ACT is a free app designed to complement Hawke Telescopic scopes State of the art ballistics solver by Bryan Litz, Applied Ballistics. Ballistic Calculator to products of Meopta company An accurate, easy to use ballistics calculator.

Great for all shooters. Bushnell® Ballistics application powered by Applied Ballistics® Ultralite™ Simple to use gun sight adjustment calculator. Atslan - a ballistic calculator app, combined into a sniper / shooter logbook. This new app brings you Federal Premium's services. Ballistic Chronograph app for the Caldwell line of Ballistic Chronographs. A Ballistic Calculator that connects to the Rapier Ballistic Laser rangefinder. Useful for the estimation of clicks to be set on the optical target Ammunition Reloading Calculator and Reloading Data Viewer and Tracker This App estimates bullet drop to help precision shooting or long range hunting STYRKA ballistic calculator Pellets velocity, weight and energy calculator for Airsoft game A bullet energy calculator for Android clicks calculator for leupold scope X10 on M24 with 175 grain ammunition Simple and accurate ballistic shooting simulator Calculate muzzle energy, momentum and Taylor KO factor for a projectile. Companion for Applied Ballistics Kestrel 5700 Sportsman and Elite LiNK Devices KILO2400ABS Laser Rangefinder Application Use your Laser Range Finder with ATN Ballistics to get a ballistics calculations App for calculating the scope’s elevation and windage adjustments for shooting. No expensive bore sighting, No math, No annoying popup ads, Just quick results! ChairGun: ballistics software specifically designed for airgun users. Simple psychrometric calculator for water damage restoration professionals. Many useful calculations for shooters are collected in this easy-to-use package. This app estimates the powder charge needed to get a specific muzzle velocity. Gamma Calculator is an app for Industrial Radiography. Application for calculating of bullet energy, TKO and IPSC factor Welcome to the new app version of Creedmoor Sports’ Data Book. A simple Industrial Radiography Geometric Unsharpness Calculator Create ballistic tables and plots for multiple firearms in your armory. BALISTICA is an accurate and easy ballistics calculator for Firearms and Airguns 308 Winchester Ballistics Data for Reloading Ballistics Compute ballistic coefficients for multiple drag models from bullet dimensions. Compute Reloading Cost for Cartridge abu bakr al-shatri full quran offline mp3 Shotshell.

Store multiple loads in DB. Small calculator for daily calculation needs The perfect companion for your range session. Calculation of parameters and characteristics of telescopes with visualization Calculator Widget with 28 various themes and motifs, customizable. BulletFlight L2 - ballistic computer for Android. App to calculate Joules/ft-lb by weight in grains/gram and speed in FPS or M/S Simplified 1-Shot Ballistics with Range Tables, Plots, and Target solution. Calculate LC & Resonance Frequency App for ballistic chronographs series Chrono-Balistic V2 Pro & Crono-Balistic Bt Easy-to-use calculator Battlefield 4 - Ballistic Calculator for Extreme Range Sniping This application the most suitable abc steel Radiographic testing(RT) A calculator to compute the Calcium Saturation Index for pool care Shot timer for IPSC IDPA USPSA Calculator of peptides - instant calculation of dosage in each unit on a syringe Calculates your pellet's trajectory without knowing the ballistic coefficient. BulletFlight M - the military grade ballistic computer for Android. DailyHemo Calculator for home hemodialysis! Formulas to convert between speed and energy for airguns. Calculo del adelanto en el tiro a blancos moviles Hawke ballistics software specifically designed for users of Hawke sights. An app to help calculating property rental yield and cashflow. For Industrial Radiographers to estimate exposure times. This application Allows you to calculate the meal rate of your Hostel. Simple calculator shows results as you type; don't have to press equal to button It converts and calculates ballistic units. 22-250 Remington Ballistics Data for Reloading Ballistics Congratulations!

You have found the ultimate arcade game in the Play Store. Now, calculate your zakat easily One Bullet is a simple sniping game with ballistics Calculate ratings and gain XP playing your favorite games with your friends Directory ammunition This app was created by a US Army Soldier to help people learn about shooting. 264 Winchester Mag Ballistics Data for Reloading Ballistics Detailed descriptions of Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester powders. Vihtavuori Reload is application to keep track on your reloading recipes. 7mm Remington SAUM Ballistics Data for Reloading Ballistics Drapery Calculator for ripple fold and pinch pleated curtains a simple calculator that can calculate numbers . A simple app to calculate price after discount. Strf90 ballistiska inflytelser GFR is estimated using the modification of diet in renal disease Car Loan Calculator ad-free Love Calculator Make financial calculations without complications and control your funding A simple machine calculator to help machinists through day to day tasks. calculate simple mathematical operations Calculate EBITDA Margin with Amortization and Depreciation Improve your shot, become a better hockey player, and score more goals! Calculate salary Hourly, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Annually etc Brandnew!

The app will help you improve your iron sights' accuracy. Experience the highly complex optical products by ZEISS in augmented reality. zakat calculator. The realistic sniper simulation. Residual Value Calculator to calculate your future lease value of any item. Calculate remaining time in your O2 cylinder. Simple Calculator Dillon Precision Products app with reloading data, manuals and The Blue Press. Simple visual astronomy tools and tools for astrophotography Life-like simulation of the shooting range A comprehensive Android application for shooters and reloaders. Calculate FPS for Airsoft Calculate Damages the easy way! Kidney Dialysis Guide This app will estimate the bullet muzzle velocity based on bullet drop Donate app for ZXReader none Regular scientific updates on Iron Deficiency & Anemia, CKD-MBD and Hyperkalemia Archery application - Performs aiming calculations for recurve and long bows Get your shutter speed setting right for night sky photography. A Ballistic Utility for Mission crossbow users. DIY Reloading Bench Ideas Free Download and offline application Collects data from a Combro / Shooting Chrony and displays on a Android device. Pro version for Fieldwhiz Shooting Times is the authoritative coverage of guns, ammunition, and sports. Supports clinicians through process of individualising PD patient prescription Uses your camera to Scan and Export QR Code to any other application CALCULATION OF LEGAL INTERESTS Get the Best of graphic personalized enduro, supermoto graphics kits and resells Janazah Collective SG is a one stop platform for all Janazah matter in Singapore


Application for calculating of bullet energy, TKO and IPSC factor Welcome to the new app version of Creedmoor Sports’ Data Book. A simple Industrial Radiography Geometric Unsharpness Calculator

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